Beverly Wilshire Homes Association

BWHA is a non-profit incorporated volunteer organization, serving as the voice of change and responsible growth for property owners and renters in the Beverly Wilshire community.

Beverly Wilshire Homes Association works to improve the quality of life in our community.  We serve as the voice of homeowners and renters on issues involving local government, decision making agencies, businesses and developers.

WE ARE YOUR ADVOCATES FOR: Traffic Congestion and Parking Issues, Public Safety and Emergency Services, Commercial Buildings, Developer Schemes, Illegal Bars and Restaurants, City Planning and Zoning, Historic Preservation, Mansionization


  • We support the right of our community to be a livable neighborhood, where residents’ needs receive proper consideration.
  • We support thoughtful development which considers the scale and character of established neighborhoods and the potential impact on traffic and infrastructure.
  • We oppose and challenge the assumption that adding density and increasing commercial activity trumps all other community considerations.