Winter 2020

Big 5 Sporting Goods

A 230 foot medical office tower is going forward at the site of Big 5 Sporting Goods at the corner of San Vicente at Wilshire (656 S. San Vicente). It will cover the entire block up to Orange Street.Medical office tower at the site of Big 5 Sporting Goods Developers are asking that this small parcel with San Vicente zoning be up-zoned to what is allowed on Wilshire Blvd. The impacts from this building will be horrendous. Adjacent neighbors are very upset. It will throw a significant shadow over residenc­es on Orange, 6th and Lindenhurst streets and set another terrible precedent. We don’t feel they are providing adequate parking and it has poorly designed ingress and egress which will lead to people circling the neighborhood looking for free parking. An Environ­mental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Our Lady of Mount Lebanon Catholic Church

Our Lady of Mount Lebanon Catholic ChurchA 100 year old historic landmark cathedral at 333 South Burton Way is going to be disassembled piece by piece, and put in storage. The site will be cleared and a 225 foot residential tower built. They then plan to put the church back together but move it a few feet to the south. This project is across the street from the proposed Caruso project at 333 South La Ciene­ga. BWHA has met with the developers to discuss the project. A draft Environmental Impact Report will be published this year and will be published for public comment.

Tabla By Sofi Restaurant

Authentic Greek CuisineSofi’s Restaurant has moved a block west on Third Street to 8108. They want a full line of alcohol, with live music and hours open ’til 2:00AM every night. Sofis is a neighborhood favorite and we wish them continued success. However residents who live behind need to be protected. We have voiced our concerns to Councilmember Paul Koretz. We have pro­posed hours be limited to 11:00PM closing Sunday through Thursday and 1:00AM on Friday and Saturday. Live music is to stop at 10:00PM. The Council Office has agreed with us. However the manager is telling people they will stay open until 4:00 AM. We don’t know what is going on and are waiting for a determination from the city. Thanks to those of you who wrote letters and made calls.

3rd and Fairfax – Town and Country Shopping Center Re-do

Town and Country Shopping Center Re-doWe’ve been monitoring the proposed renovation/expansion of the Town and Country shopping center with addi­tional housing component at 3rd and Fairfax (Whole Foods and recently closed Kmart). You may remember the orig­inal plans were for a high rise residential tower that overlooked the Hancock Park School and the abutting neighbor­hoods etc. BWHA was invited to participate in discussions convened by 4th District Councilperson David Ryu’s office along with the development team and other community interest groups. Among topics covered have been impacts and mitigations on Hancock Park Elementary School. We support the school and the families in their efforts to pro safe high quality school environment. Also discussed our Beverly Wilshire Homes con­cerns about how they are going to improve traffic flow, bus ridership and pedestrian safety on Fairfax and 3rd Street. Access for Park La Brea residents is also an issue. We have proposed that they provide a dedicated bus pull out area along 3rd Street going east from Fairfax. A draft environmental impact report will be released for comment this year and the public will have the opportunity to submit comments.

Meanwhile in Sacramento …

Senate Bill 50 ….Sacramento has been very busy trying to pass bills that would upend life as we know it. Senator Scott Weiner’s SB 50 would gut local zoning, and do away with single family neighborhoods. It crams density like we have never seen into established neighborhoods like ours. And while allowing multi story apartments in single family neigh­borhoods, it does nothing to create affordable housing.

Former County Supervisor, and Councilperson of the 5th District Zev Yaroslavsky says these bills which pretend to be housing bills are really real estate development bills. He Indicates that rather than addressing the issue of affordable housing, Sacramento is instead converting home ownership by individual residents to land ownership by large real estate de­velopers. More large apartment complexes/towers mean more power in the hands of large real estate holding companies.

This bill is supported by Abundant Housing and the real estate lobby. After a massive calling and writing campaign, it was defeated on January 30th. However, it will be back. Scott Weiner has already stated he will modify and reintroduce it this session. Please be on the lookout, it is a great threat to all of us!

… Also of interest, Scott Weiner is running for reelection to his seat in the California Senate District 11, in San Francisco. He is being opposed by Jackie Fielder who has picked up some very important endorsements and has a more reasonable housing program. The primary is in March and the election is in June. We urge you to follow this and consider ways to help to unseat him.

…. Some good news for people who own buildings in R2 and R3 zones. SB 330 that passed last August prohibits replacing demolished units with fewer units. This would have been especially helpful for our neighbors whose duplexes were torn down and replaced by Mc Mansions.

Democratic Party – Member, Party County Committee (50th AD)

We have enclosed the flyer of candidates running for Democratic County Committee. Beverly Wilshire Homes never asks you to support this office but it is very important that everyone know that all other candidates for this office are being supported, and sponsored by ABUNDENT HOUSING, the real estate lobby. The 7 candi­dates on the enclosed flyer are community members and have lobbied in person in Sacramento against SBS0. We urge you to vote for these 7 candidates and tell all your friends.


 CBS Television City

CBS Television CityCBS Television City on Fairfax and Beverly has been sold and though the original building has historical status we anticipate there will be future changes. The details are unknown at this time.


Also of note:

Andres is still open for business.